WriteChain: Thank You * 280000

Closing in on 28,000 downloads…

Back in 2009, I wanted a simple word count tracking app on my shiny new iPhone. There wasn’t one, so I wrote it myself. From what I recall, creating WriteChain was a really fun process. I look at the app now and I still smile when I see the interface and think about how much things have changed since those “early days” of iPhone development.

So, tonight, I was checking in on the little guy and I wondered just how many people had tried it out. I haven’t looked at these numbers in a long time and I was surprised to see that about 5,000 people had tried it. Then, I realized I was only looking at a single year’s downloads… This year, which isn’t even half over.


Adding it up, WriteChain is just shy of 28,000 downloads now. I see a lot of people download the app around Nanowrimo and that makes me happy. I hope it helps out Wrimos and other writers alike.

Anyway, nothing else special to note here. I just felt like saying thanks, so thank you… 🙂

WriteChain is FREE. Nothing fancy. No hidden editors or quotes or any of that fiddle faddle. Just a super simple tool that any writer can use to set a daily goal and hold themselves accountable.

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