NewsBee 1.3 is with Apple for review! Fixes Mavericks crash problem.

Almost six months have passed since the last NewsBee update and I’m glad to report version 1.3 is now in the App Store queue!

Version 1.3 fixes a number of small annoyances, such as preventing you from deleting all of your sites or closing all NewsBee menus while the app is still running. There are also a few QA slips from 1.2 that keen-eyed users caught post-launch. Of course, the main problem corrected by version 1.3 is the “random” crash experienced by some users when launching NewsBee under Mavericks. I put random in quotes because for some users this happened every single time. Today, I duplicated the error myself, caught the bug in action and stomped it out.

Big thanks to Mike who kept pinging me about the problem and sorry to users around the world who had problems! 1.3 should be available in just a few days!

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