Saying Goodbye to How Not to Write

Note: All posts from How Not to Write are available on this site. I’ll be adding more of course. This really isn’t the end, but rather the beginning of something new.

It seems strange to say goodbye to something that was never supposed to stay around. Yet nearly seven years later it is now time to say goodbye to How Not to Write.


I created How Not to Write to record my journey from wannabe writer to actual writer. Along the way, HNTW not only became my online persona but also my writing persona as well. I became known as the guy who wrote about not writing which in turn became the guy who didn’t write at all.

Of course, I never really stopped writing. No writer does. Still, I stopped writing with a purpose because I’d said just about all I could say about the process of “not writing” (such as it is).

As an aside, I also had this crazy job that sucked up all of my free time and energy. It was awesome, but each day the job left me with a cabbage for a head. From this experience, I learned that it’s really, really hard to write with a cabbage for a head.


While I might write more about that some day, today won’t be that day (sorry). What I will say is that the hundreds of posts and many tens of thousands of words contained in How Not to Write are not gone for good. They right here and all the links should work just fine.

I thought it was fitting to incorporate it into the whole because in truth it was a huge part of my life and always will be. I’ve also archived all the comments here too because you the readers of How Not to Write were also a huge part of my life and always will be.

Before I move on to what’s new (which may include some actual writing), I’d like to take one last look at what was and highlight some of my favorite posts from How Not to Write. They’re not in any particular order, so take them as they are. That’s what How Not to Write has always been about anyway…

A Writer’s Love
Best Mornings
The Bother of Writing is Totally Worth It
The Poverty of Distance
You Must Write
A Writer Must Believe

Oh yeah, and King Moonracer will always be my hero, but I ought to point out that I blogged about him here first.


NB: I’ve also changed my Twitter handle over to @jamiegrove. If you were following @hownottowrite, you are now following @jamiegrove.

2 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to How Not to Write

  1. Awww, man. I’m gonna miss this blog! Well, I hope you still put some stuff out for people to read every now and then, somewere. Because I don’t know if I can go on. Actually I probably can. But life would be different.

  2. Thanks, Clint! You’re the best! 🙂

    You should expect to see more from me, not less. Consolidating was more about bringing it all together as opposed to taking it apart.

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