How to Achieve a Lifelong Dream

Be brave. Be stubborn. Resist temptation. Believe.


This is my friend, Hans Fex.

Hans just launched a Kickstarter that represents the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. The mini museum is an amazing project that puts billions of years of history and science in the palm of your hand:

You should have a look, because the project is amazing. However, this post is really about fulfilling your dreams…

Endless Opportunities

In today’s world, there are more opportunities than ever to strike out and realize your dreams:

  • You could write a book and publish it instantly reaching thousands of potential readers.
  • You could create an app that results in global reach and mind boggling wealth.
  • You could open a store in an instant and sell the fruits of your creative labor.
  • You could create a hit song or make a movie and find yourself in the center of a global phenomenon.
  • You could create a media presence for yourself and have an audience of millions the next day.

It’s incredible, and this only a few of the ways you could realize your dreams.

Endless Temptation

Yet, even with all of these opportunities, people are still trying to make sense of their lives. Figure out why they’re here. Understand what they’re supposed to do with the time they’ve been given.

People like me…

At many points in my life, I’ve felt like I’ve been on the path to achieving a sense of personal meaning, the deeper reason for my existence. Then, just when I think stars are aligned, the universe tempts me with some other opportunity that looks very promising and safe. So instead of sticking to my plan, I give into temptation. I compromise.

This sounds awful to say given that most of these so-called compromises have turned out to be positive and sometimes lucrative. But regardless of the financial, social, or professional gains, it’s not the same as doing something you really want to do.

Achieving the Dream

After going round this circle a few times, I’ve come to understand that achieving a real lifelong dream is really a mission in stubbornness. It’s about avoiding short cuts. It’s about resisting the temptation to compromise.

Achieving your dreams is about believing in yourself when no one else seems to care. It’s about understanding your purpose in life and holding onto that understanding in face of universal misunderstanding and disapproval.

In no small regard, achieving your dreams is about suffering. Maybe not in some drafty garret or by cutting off your ear, but in standing apart from the rest of the world and believing in yourself regardless of what the expectations of others might be.

Be brave. Be stubborn. Resist temptation. Do this, and though you may struggle, the universe will eventually come around to your way of thinking.

And above all, believe…

How Hans Achieved the Dream

My friend, Hans, is a living example of this lesson…

Hans and another friend. :)
Hans and another friend. 🙂

The mini museum project started 35 years ago. Hans’ father, a scientist, returned from Malta with a specimen that he encased in resin. It seemed like such a small thing, but to the seven year-old Hans it was like a vision.

Dr. Jörgen Fex (1924-2006). Hans’ dad and inspiration for Hans’ lifetime dream.
Dr. Jörgen Fex (1924-2006). Hans’ dad and inspiration for Hans’ lifetime dream.

Over the years, Hans dedicated himself to collecting materials to create a complete collection of rare and thought-provoking specimens. He never gave up on his idea regardless of the setbacks and struggles. His entire life has been spent in pursuit of this moment.

As a result, Hans created something amazing and brought his dream to the world. So far the world is saying yes.

I’ve learned many things from watching Hans develop this project, but perhaps the most important lesson I’ve learned is that if you hold out, the universe will come around to helping you achieve your dreams instead of tempting you to do something else.

You can learn more about the mini museum and my friend Hans by visiting his Kickstarter page. It’s truly amazing.

Hans at the mini museum photoshoot.
Hans at the mini museum photoshoot.

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