10,000 Hours of Practice

How often do you practice writing? Daily?

Ok, so how many hours have you put in over the last 10 years?

Below is a heavily edited teaser for Mark Terry’s article on what writing for 10,000 means to your writing.

10,000 Hours:

The distance between “familiarity” and “mastery” is very far indeed.

I immediately thought of the oft-repeated suggestion that in order to become a competent novelist you needed to write 1,000,000 words, which probably does come into that 10,000 hour figure somewhere, maybe.

I once heard somebody suggest that no writing was ultimately wasted, that it was all part of those million words (or 10,000 hours) and I think that–and “ultimately” may be the key word here–this is true.

So, how many hours do you have in?

[Via: This Writing Life]

I posted a comment on the thread about being into my 3rd 10K hour block (when using Mark’s conversion from words to hours). I can’t say I’m competent but I keep on trying.

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