9 thoughts on “The Novel as Told Through Google Maps

  1. Yeah, but I rushed ’em. I got an early acceptance from Odyssey and freaked because I had to put down a deposit or forfeit my spot. I emailed the Clarions and asked them if they could speed it up a bit, and they both wrote back with one-liners that they weren’t going to be offering me a spot in the workshop this year. (Shrug). I’ll just go again a different year.

    -Sara King

  2. Congrats on getting into Odyssey! That should be fun!

    The CW site says that they usually respond about this time of the month (mid-late March), so I suppose I’ll get my rejection pretty soon.

    I’m picking up a nice Barbara d’Asti today. I want to have it on reserve to celebrate. 🙂

  3. Ha! Thanks!

    I’m pretty sure that if they bothered to dig deep I’d get disqualified on the sheer amount of angst I’ve managed to spew across these digital pages.

  4. I’m far more into beating myself up instead of others. My thinking is that folks will come in here and say, “Wow, this fella needs therapy or a hug not a workshop.” 🙂

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