Salted Spring Fever and Hot Wax Zombies: Where Twitter and Old Posts Meet

Chi-Chi and Brains doing their best zombie impressions for the fans.

Today, while I was out and about with my boys, we needed to find a place to get our car washed. Everywhere we went it seemed like there were hundreds if not thousands of cars in line for washing. Admittedly, this was the first nice day in a few weeks so every good Ohioan is bound to think that they’d better:

A) Chip off any ice remaining on sidewalks, driveways, or gutters… because it certainly won’t melt of it’s own accord on a sunny, 50F day.

B) Get their cars washed even though it is going to rain like crazy in two days.

C) [Optional for convertible owners] Drive around with the top down and the windows up.

D) Any combination of the above.

But then I had an idea.

Close to my house is a little service station. Only neighborhood people go there. We dropped by and sure enough we got right in line.

While I was sitting there, it occurred to me that I ought to tweet the occasion. For those of you unfamiliar with “tweeting” I’m not talking about being perched in a cage and singing my heart out (although I was sort of trapped in a car and blabbing so perhaps the metaphor is apt). I’m talking about Twitter, a little social service where you can put up messages of 140 characters or less where everyone can see.

Why would I do this? Do I really need yet another distraction from writing?

Well, for one thing, I tend to drink to much coffee and Twitter helps me get out all those words and quips that would otherwise clutter my journals and stories. This is a double-edged sword though as most people will tell you that my quips and caffeine-laden screeds are about all I’ve got. Excuses aside, I think Twitter is fun and I’ve met a lot of great people there.

So, there I was tweeting away on my iPhone when it occurred to me that the service station where I was getting my car washed was also attached to a 19th century family cemetery. In fact, I’d written a nice post about it a long time ago. One tweet leads to another and before I knew it I was putting on a little show: my car wash, the bizarre juxtaposition of some hard-working (though thoroughly dead) farmers, and the power of the Internet to share it all in real time.

Now that I’m home, I thought I’d share this bit of fun with everyone else as a sort of example of how you can work social networking tools into your blog and maybe get a few people to read some of your favorite posts. 🙂

[Editor’s note: The links below will open in a new window. In general, you’ll see the pictures I posted live on twitpic as we were off and exploring our neighborhood. If you’re interested in following me on Twitter, drop on by. I’m @hownottowrite (naturally).]
Finally found a car wash without 3000 people waiting! #wintersucketh
Almost there! #carwash
Of interest: this car wash happens to be right next to a 19th century family graveyard. No foolin’ wanna see a pic?
Almost through car wash. Zombie car wash pics up soon!
Car wash #inohiowehavenolife
We can haz car wash now.
19th century graveyard to the left. Gas station to the right.
This is the grandson of Ebenezer Richards b1774. Richards came from Wales.
In this shot you see tombstones and the entrance to the car wash.
Oh no! Zombies! 🙂
The weird thing is that most people do not know this is here. Nor do they realize that the car wash waiting line is level with corpses.
People waiting for a wash with no idea that dead bodies are just behind the wall.
A short distance away we have the Richards house. Built in 1807.
Here’s an old post of mine about the house before restoration.
Last one. Can’t have a scary ghost house without crossing a bridge w/running water.
Thanks for all the comments, folks. A great afternoon mini-adventure for me and the boys!

4 thoughts on “Salted Spring Fever and Hot Wax Zombies: Where Twitter and Old Posts Meet

  1. A car wash with zombies is always a better car wash.

    I drive past an old cemetery every day on my way to work. It has a church, or at least a church-like building, on the same small property. I noticed the other day that there is a “For Sale” realty sign sitting in front of the building’s doors. I’m guessing it’s a joke, but now I can’t help wondering why someone would decided to sell an old cemetery. It’s not like it’s a summer home!

    Tom´s last blog post..Brotherly awesomeness

  2. I guess this is why Twitter is so useful…haha.

    Maybe its also a creative exercise to keep the brain pumping out the goods when we’re not writing? For instance, when you’re out and about doing menial chores like getting the car washed?

    Jacqueline´s last blog post..Books galore!

  3. @Tom There’s a large, public cemetery near my house. They sold off the church some time ago and a family rehabbed it into a kickin’ house. So, I’ll be that building really is for sale and the cemetery is not… but selling a cemetery would make an excellent story, especially if the inhabitants were the one’s who came up with a bid!

    @Jacqueline Twitter is a strange beast. I use it for many things. Putting up links, storing/sharing quotes, meeting new people… But I also use it to warm up before writing. Helps to get the mind right when you have to say something in 140 characters or less. 😉

  4. Jamie, I’m sorry I missed this tweet stream but thanks for sharing it here! The first time I used one of those drive through car things, I freaked out and called for help on my cell phone. In California I was used to the car washes where you sip lattes and read while they wash, wax and dry your car. Moving to Michigan, I’ve learned that these drive through things are all the rage and yes in between snowstorms there’s a long line to wash the guck off so it can get all dirt again. 🙂

    Karen Swim´s last blog post..Love and Basketball

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