My Best Writing Makes Me Feel ______.

My best writing makes me feel like this!

A few years back I changed dentists. Everything started out just fine. I settled into the chair and stared at the ceiling. I noodled through the logistical difficulties of installing television screens between the tiles. It was pretty normal. Boring.

Then the hygienist came in and asked me about my goals for my teeth.

“Yes… What are your goals for your teeth?”

And despite the fact that this very serious lady was about to put very sharp and pointy instruments into my mouth, my writer’s brain kicked in before I could stop it.

“Well, unlike my children, when they grow up I’d appreciate it if they didn’t move out on their own.”

[Cue the blank stare from the hygienist…]

But it was such an open ended question! What could I do? I suppose I ought to wear a button that says WARNING: WRITER! DO NOT GIVE HIM AN OPENING! It’s only fair to warn people in advance, right?

On Twitter, I don’t have to warn anyone in advance about being a writer. My handle there is hownottowrite. It’s pretty obvious what I’m going to go on about. So, yesterday I posed a question to my tweeps:

“My best writing makes me feel ____.”

I started doing this Twitter thing hardcore about a year ago. I tweet about all sorts of things: what’s going on in my personal world, hanging out with my family, taking pictures of whatever carbtastic thing I’m about to consume… But generally, I focus on writing and the writing life.

I also like to toss out questions and hear what other writers have to say. To me, that’s what Twitter is all about — connecting with people and having fun.

And how does my best writing make me feel?

My best writing makes me feel as if I’ve tapped into something much larger than myself. In fact, it makes me feel like a conduit into another world as opposed to any sort of editor or creator. The world flows through me and I am infinitely grateful for the experience.

Please enjoy the wonderful responses below. Visit these great writers! When you’re done, take a moment to leave a comment and add your voice to the chorus!

p.s. Everything turned out fine at the dentist. We laughed, we cried, we filled a cavity. πŸ™‚

Your turn! Go for it! “My best writing makes me feel ____.”

23 thoughts on “My Best Writing Makes Me Feel ______.

  1. @Laura Thanks for sharing. I know just what you mean. πŸ™‚

    @Whitney And my polls love you! lol

    @Kameron I heard that from a few tweeps today. I think that’s something we all share when stumble onto the really good stuff.

    @ZenMom My pleasure!

    @dani And gosh darn it, people like you! πŸ™‚

  2. My best writing makes feel like 74 kilos of unwashed heathen, twitching involuntarily after four levels of tantra, vulnerable to even the most imprecise of barbs.

  3. @Crystal You are the change you wish to see in your manuscript. πŸ™‚

    @Cameron That’s been my experience of late as I work on the manuscript of Kip Frazier. Kip talks, I listen. Occasionally, we argue. He always wins… That kid is just smarter than I am.

    @CraigsyMac I thought that’s how you felt after you went dancing? Or are those two things not mutually exclusive?

    @Alex If you created it, I’d be the first tenant in that universe, Alex. πŸ™‚

    @Meryl That feeling usually hits me after a few weeks/months when I come across a bit that is just freaking amazing… I look all around and wonder where the guy who wrote that got off to!

  4. β€œMy best writing makes me feel ____.”

    Fantastic!! I am on top of the world. Then I show it to someone, anyone else; and ask for a critique. Then I hear those words, β€œthis is great, except for …”

    Show my best writing to no one, and I feel satisfied and empty. Ask for an opinion, and I feel like trying again.

    So, “My best writing makes me feel ____.” Like editing…

  5. Goals for your teeth?! What else could you do with a question like that? I had a stint in the hospital when I was pregnant with my first child. Because I was just lying there for a week doing nothing, they assigned student nurses to me. One timid little thing came in and shyly said, “I am here to take your temperature.” My response? “Okay, just let me roll over.” (cue blank stare from student nurse) I like the idea of wearing a button. Or a sign around my neck: Writer – Approach with Caution.

    My best writing? When the imagery in my head is so vivid, it’s like being inside a movie.

  6. I’m not sure how to answer as I’m not sure I’ve yet written my best writing. Yeah it’s a funky day. Maybe I should borrow Urban Panther’s sign, but delete the “writer” part because caution is recommended and I’m not certain it has anything to do with being a writer.

    Deb´s last blog post..The Big Bike

  7. @Urban Panther LOL! Your story reminds me of when our first son was born. Right after “Brains” made his entrance into the world, my wife said she had to go to the bathroom. The nurse didn’t know what to do, but my wife just stood up, pushed her out of the way, and went to the restroom by herself! She’s so amazing. Sounds like you two are just from the same cloth. πŸ˜‰

    @Deb You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself… Being a writer is what you are! Go for it, Deb! πŸ™‚

  8. @Katie Go, Katie! Open up those comments!!! πŸ˜‰

    @Chris I guess that means you won’t be typing with mittens on. πŸ™‚ I like the picture though. Sounds like quite a workout!

  9. My best writing makes me feel like I’m floating on air. I know that only 1% of all the people in the world actually write something for other people to read and it’s fun wondering where and who’s computer and in front of whose eyes my stuff is being looked at.

    Ryan´s last blog post..All the world can be a stage

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