Selling Your Books

I never considered trying to sell my books through the self-publishing routes. My first book was written back in 1995 so things like Lulu didn’t exist (though there were plenty of traditional self-pub options). The second book was more recent (2003), so the only thing I can fall back on is the fact that I didn’t have enough confidence in my work to put it out there.

Now, self-doubt and pity aside, the other reason I haven’t tried to publish myself is the fact that it’s real work! 🙂

WritersWeekly posted a nice reminder about the work involved once your book gets published.

Why Isn’t My Book Selling?!?!:

“The authors who are really successful are the ones who make marketing their books a full-time job. You have to get online daily and spread the word, through an ezine (an ezine is more effective than a blog because you contact your readers directly; you don’t wait for them to come back and visit your site whenever they happen to remember you’re there), through networking, through requesting links on other websites, through offering excerpts for other websites and online publications to run, and through participating in online discussions about your book’s topic/your book.”


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