How much can you make freelancing?

To follow-up on the last post about freelancing, I thought I’d share this little tidbit from Inkthinker

What Exactly Is 70,000 in Freelance Income?

What does $70,000 mean? A whole heck of a lot of work, that’s what! But seriously, Susan asked and I’m glad someone is interested because I’ve been thinking I should break this down for you folks who (a) don’t believe I did it, (b) don’t believe it’s possible, or (c) want to do it, too.

If you visit, keep digging on the site. Kristen King puts lots of cross-links in her posts to other thoughts and articles. Here’s another good bit of advice about freelancing:

5 things to improve your freelancing business in 2008?

[#2] Charge more. Just because they seem nice doesn’t mean they get a discount. I need to set consistent project rates and use them as baseline when calculating quotes. And I also need to estimate my hours better so I’m not perpetually underpaying myself.

2 thoughts on “How much can you make freelancing?

  1. The Inkthinker article is a good reminder of the hard work involved in freelancing. Trying to hit $30K this year me-self!

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