Self-Publishing Online Taking Off

As Literary Saloon says, there isn’t much new in this report aside from the figures. Truly amazing growth in this industry.

I would be interested in a study of growth by segment (fiction, non-fiction, and associated genre/categories) in online publishing vs. the traditional world of publishing. I wonder if there are particular segments that are growing faster online (like business manifesto publishing).

Got a manuscript? Publishing now a snap: “On-demand publisher has churned out 236,000 paperbacks since it opened in 2002, and its volume of new paperbacks has risen each month this year, hitting 14,745 in November. Retail giant got into the game this summer, offering on-demand publishing through its CreateSpace, which was already letting filmmakers and musicians burn DVDs and CDs.

The programs are easy for just about anyone to use: Authors select basic options, including the book’s size, binding style and paperback or hardcover. After the manuscript is uploaded, users go to a page where they select a font and design the book’s cover. Even after a book has been printed they can fix typos for later printings.”

(Via Literary Saloon.)

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