The Universe Only Asks Once… Are You Listening?

Alex Fayle of Someday Syndrome fame interviewed me for his wonderful website. The interview just went live along with a companion post on How Not to Write, which describes in detail what I discovered by doing the interview.

Obviously, I loved doing the interview. It was a great exercise, but I wanted to share a little tidbit that I tacked onto the end of the discussion:

As a side note… People should take the time to answer questions like this seriously. If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that the universe does not ask twice. What I mean by this is that when presented with the opportunity to ask for something or jump into something you desire, you should absolutely give it your all. The universe may not respond favorably, but it most assuredly does not ask a second time.

I honestly do not know where this stuff comes from sometimes. It just pops into my head. Later on, I read it and think, “Who wrote that?”

So, what has the universe asked you to do lately? Did you do it? Why not?

5 thoughts on “The Universe Only Asks Once… Are You Listening?

  1. @Karen Glad I could provide! Of course, Alex is the primary driver and motivator on this one!

    @Joanna I still wonder how that happens. I like tapping into that on occasion, but all the time would be a bit scary. I’d probably end up in flowing robes on top of a mountain somewhere. That would be nice, but who would make the oatmeal for my kids? 😉

    @Alex Sometimes it’s also a message you are supposed to carry to others. I wish they’d get things straightened out down at the cosmic post office. A little labeling would go a long way. lol

  2. I like your observation but I wonder. I feel constantly hounded by the universe regarding the things I plan to “someday” do. At times it is a small voice of only the slightest dissonance. It is a friend nearby, on the couch, flipping through a magazine and occasionally, in a cajoling sort of way, asking me why I’m wasting my time with THAT when I know I should be doing the one true thing. Other times I am struggling in a fever, praying for guidance, and it is screaming penance and admonishments. But always, somewhere, it is there. It does not ask. It tells. Someday is my usual response. Good on you for making your someday today! I am feeling emboldened.

    Craig the Emboldened’s last blog post..Lives Remaining

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