Happy Anniversary!

I’m really bad with cards… I mean really bad.

It isn’t that I forget about anniversaries or birthdays. I’m just really bad with cards.

Here is the card I made for my wife yesterday to celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary. Altogether we’ve been pals for 21 years and the sentiment expressed in this card couldn’t be more true.

Melissa and Jamie sittin' in a tree...

Of course, what you don’t see is me actually making this card at 6AM on the morning of our anniversary. You don’t see me frantically searching through old photographs. You can’t hear me cursing because I can’t get Photoshop to print the damn thing right. You can’t watch me flipping out when she starts printing documents to our wireless printer and all my photo paper comes shooting out at 32ppm.

I’m really bad with cards, but I’m really lucky in love.

Happy Anniversary, Baby! 🙂

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