My Next Geeky Adventure

Today, I started a new job.

This might come as a bit of surprise. After all, I was having such a good time making iPhone apps (which I intend to continue doing). Still, this is just one opportunity I just couldn’t pass up…

The job is with ThinkGeek, an amazing company I’ve admired for a long time. Since I’m not one to blog about work, I’ll just direct you over to my LinkedIn profile for a look-see. I’ll add that I’m very excited to join such an incredible group of people. I feel lucky and grateful.

Seriously, how could I not? I write Science Fiction and Fantasy. I write code. I claim King Moonracer as my personal hero. I love eCommerce and the web… It’s pretty much a dream job for me.

So, in short order, we’re selling our home, leaving the neighborhood we love, and moving away from family and friends… all the way to Washington, DC (Fairfax, VA to be more precise). Everything will be new and there will be challenges at every turn, but it’s also going to be an adventure.

I’m thankful for love and support of my wonderful wife and my incredible boys. I’m looking forward to continuing our story of the great “What’s Next” together. 🙂

NB: Is it me or did I lay it on a bit thick here?

14 thoughts on “My Next Geeky Adventure

  1. Moving to D.C. !? You do realize that you were the last person I knew, other than family, who still lived in Ohio. With your departure, everyone I kept in touch with from Ohio has left that state. I think maybe that says something about Ohio. Or maybe it says something (a good thing) about my friends.

  2. Awesome! Think Geek is great. I know you will fit in great and will be a huge benefit to them. I am sorry to see you leave the area. I will miss the occasional lunch. I will definitely have to come and visit sometime.

    Matt Shields’s last blog post..How Many Can I Follow?

  3. Ho‘omaika‘i ‘ana – Congratulations Jamie!
    What an adventure for you and your family. You are a brave man, but also a blessed one, and I am so thrilled for all of you. Change this big has a way of helping us understand just how much we are capable of as we explore all the goodness life has to offer.

    Rosa Say’s last blog post..How to Stop Micromanaging: Part Two

  4. @Jason I know exactly what you mean. 🙂 And yes, the team is just as cool as you’d expect.

    @Nathalie Thanks!

    @David Well, to be fair, I did move away once… but I moved back. 😉

    @Jonathan It’s great to be part of a cool group of people. Of course, my last group o’ peeps were pretty cool too. I’ve been lucky like that. 🙂

    @Matt Now you’re making me feel sad. 🙂

    @Rosa Indeed it does! Mahalo â nui

  5. Jamie, the opportunity must truly be a great one to lure you from the area. I wish you and your family success and happiness in this new venture.

  6. Jamie,
    I’m happy as can be for you, dude. Sorry for HFC, though, since your expertise and endless abilities will be sorely missed. Hope you will stay in touch, though. My admiration and respect for you is big and I’m sure you’ll do great things at ThinkGeek.

  7. Congrats, Jamie! I’ve been a ThinkGeek subscriber and customer for a long, long time. I avoid reading some issues simply because I know that sometimes it’s hard to turn down a geeky item on sale.

    I’ve lived in DC for six years. Great experience for college and first job after. Glad to be back in Texas near family. Fairfax is a great city with excellent schools (I know ‘cuz I was an education major).

    If ThinkGeek is anything like its site, content, etc. etc., it’s gonna be a perfect fit for you. Look forward to your baby pic on the About page 🙂

    Meryl K Evans’s last blog post..Twitter Success Means More Than Numbers

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