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Susan Henderson of LitPark posted a long list of things she’s looking to do in 2008. It’s an admirable list, helping friends, doing what’s right for the environment, and helping out another writer in need…

Friends like Patry Francis.

As you may know, Patry Francis has been diagnosed with cancer. Her book, The Liar’s Diary, will be released in paperback on 1/29/2008, and Susan would like us all to help out.

I’ll tell you how. On January 29th, use your blog, your MySpace page, your Publishers Marketplace page, whatever you’ve got, big or small, and point people in the direction of Patry’s book. You can even come to LitPark on the 29th and copy whatever I’ve posted and use it verbatim on your own blog. There will be photos, promotional videos, free books for folks who’d like to write reviews.

Make sure to drop by on the 29th.

By the way, about half way down the post Susan notes that she isn’t going to dye her hair anymore.

The other personal commitment I made is not to dye my hair, despite the constant pressure I get from my hairdresser. He loves to point out all the gray and thinks the world would be better if I had highlights. I tell him I think the gray is sexy. Besides, I earned those gray hairs. But I have other reasons.

Now, Susan, really! You have absolutely no need to dye your hair. You are seriously attractive! (This isn’t a come on by the way. Oh, my wife will kill me when she sees this post…) 🙂

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