Tony D'Souza Explains How To Publicize Your Book

As always, Jason has a great interview with a writer. This time it’s Tony D’Souza explaining the post-publishing process to newbie authors. Expect much work…

Tony D’Souza Explains How To Publicize Your Book:

Novelist Tony D’Souza told us something similar when he stopped by for an interview. He single-handedly arranged a book tour, dinners with magazine editors, and interviews with bloggers. Nobody magically publicized his book and the majority of the work fell on his shoulders.

What does that mean for us? Write a book you are committed to; a book that you are ready to defend and lug around the country. Getting published is only half the battle. Selling copies is something else.  

[via: ThePublishingSpot]

2 thoughts on “Tony D'Souza Explains How To Publicize Your Book

  1. Thanks for the link and kind words. Always good to stop by your site, and an honor to be included. That interview changed the way I looked at our work, you should read the whole thing.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. You’re welcome, Jason! And true enough about the interview with Tony.

    I especially liked his comments about meeting and talking editors. Editors work for a pittance and they wouldn’t do it if they didn’t love books so much.

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