NaNoWriMo Halo Giveaway Update

Soon 30 lucky Wrimo’s will have halos like this!

Alright, folks, it’s time to give away those NaNoWriMo halos!

Being a programmery-type I took all of the entries and ran them through a little script I wrote in python to randomize the list and give me a nicely formatted output. Since I tweaked the output several times, you might even say that I got to shuffle the deck a few times before picking the winners.

Before I give you the list, let me say that I haven’t checked all the Wrimo ids below as the NaNoWriMo site is currently sagging under the weight of everyone signing up and getting things together. So, I hope you all entered the right thing.

Also, I’d like to thank all 60 (!) people who entered the the giveaway. I wish I could grant halos to all of you, but alas my powers are limited. Best of luck to everyone as you make your way through the next 30 days!!!

Without further ado, the lucky winners appear below:

Kiaya Wrimo Profile for buttergirlfly | Website
Katrina Drake Wrimo Profile for Moondancer Drake | Website
Lara Wrimo Profile for Gorgeous Nerd | Website
Lauren Reynolds Wrimo Profile for darnedpencil
Karen Lyons Wrimo Profile for zookeeper08
Cai Wrimo Profile for wrio | Website
Barbara Wrimo Profile for allbarbmay
Scott Gleim Wrimo Profile for pharmbot
Sarah Sprouse Wrimo Profile for tokyopixie | Website
Alison Wrimo Profile for alisonmarie
Kris Wrimo Profile for -Kurai-
Maija Haavisto Wrimo Profile for DiamonDie | Website
Heather Giambo Wrimo Profile for messyhead
Ryan Bonick Wrimo Profile for rjbman | Website
Kiyanna Wrimo Profile for Skriker
Shruti Wrimo Profile for shruzz | Website
Jessica Winkowski Wrimo Profile for radioactivealchemist | Website
Elisabeth Wrimo Profile for MouseyCat
Jenny Jones Wrimo Profile for jenwrar
Kim Wrimo Profile for Nancy_Drew | Website
Jeanne Clark Wrimo Profile for londonviolin | Website
Lorraine Barte Nepomuceno Wrimo Profile for lorrainemarie | Website
Alice Wrimo Profile for Black Crystal Dragon | Website
Aeryn Fordham Wrimo Profile for TenMinutesToYesterday | Website
F.R.R. Mallory Wrimo Profile for pen | Website
R. Schuyler Devin Wrimo Profile for rsdevin | Website
Hugh O’Donnell Wrimo Profile for Hatching Phoenix | Website
Clint Eggleston Wrimo Profile for C Heggs
Tamar Barnousky Wrimo Profile for Chibipluto
Aurora Belova Wrimo Profile for FantasysDreamAurora | Website

I’ll be placing the orders for your halos this weekend and hopefully the fine folks at the Office of Letters and Light will quickly make your golden halo appear!

Doing NaNoWriMo this year? Buddy up with me!

P.S. For those of you who can, you really should donate. Getting your halo is only half the fun. 🙂

22 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Halo Giveaway Update

  1. Sweet! Thank you so much and congratulations to all other halo recipients! Over here there’s less than five hours to go before NaNo kicks off (and I think the Aussies have already started).

  2. Wow — it’s really almost here!

    I think your halo giveaway is the coolest thing ever. I’ll be donate a penny for every ten words I write each week, aiming to exceed a minimum of $12.50/week for a total of $50.

    Fingers crossed!

    Liz C´s last blog post..Call me crazy

  3. Thanks a lot! I’m currently looking for work, so I just couldn’t afford to donate right now. Thanks to you, I get to participate and receive my halo.

    Countdown begins for Nov. 1! It is going to be fun!

    Kim the Blogging Bard´s last blog post..Recession Duck?

  4. Me with a halo sounds somewhat ODD.

    Must be because I joke so much about being a demonic monster that I’ve started believing it…

    Thank youuu!

  5. Thanks so much for the halo!! I think it’s great that you’re donating on behalf of so many.

    So, thank you thank you thank you again! Oh and thanks for friending me on livejournal!

  6. Thanks so much! One of my Wrimos was selected!! =) We’d like to send a thank you–not sure if you are keeping mementos, but would still like to do this. (Maybe you have a scrap-bookery type of special person in your life, or you are a scrapper/memento keeper??) Can you email it to me?

    How exciting! I’m not going to embarrass our Wrimo with any press or mention in emails–honestly I’ve not ever met him in real life yet–but still, this is exciting for the P-Town Wrimos and we appreciate your generosity.

    ML, P-Town, Illinois

  7. @Maija You’re very welcome. Enjoy getting a head start! 🙂

    @Liz I think your penny 10/words is pretty slick as well. 🙂 Best of luck this year!

    @Chris Best of luck this year, Chris. (In more than just NaNoWriMo.)

    @Kim It’s really going to be awesome! Hope you find work soon. We’ll try to keep you busy while you’re looking. 😉

    @Moondancer It was my pleasure. Best of luck!!!

    @Mousey I know what you mean. I thought I looked pretty weird with a halo too. LOL!

    @Sarah You’re so welcome. Best of luck this year!! 🙂

    @radioactivealchemist I’m happy to help out. Hope things get better soon. Good luck!

    @Hugh I agree, it’s time to get a’writin’! Best of luck!

    @Cheri You’re too kind. 🙂 Glad I could help out one of your fellow Wrimos. Good luck!

  8. Thank you oh so much!
    I think my new hallo might inspire me to win NaNo this year. I’m gonna start making a big pot of coffee – two more hours to go!

  9. Wow, I won! I can’t thank you enough; I’ve been doing NaNo for years, but I’m unemployed and unable to directly donate.

  10. Thank you so, so much! As your stereotypical poor student, I have no way to donate myself, even though I reallyreallyreally want to give something back to NaNo — so this means a great deal to me. Thank you!

  11. Thank you! You’re such a generous person, like everyone has said, its hard to believe there are people like you out there right now 🙂 I think I might want to do something like this, once I get a job.

    Congrats everyone! And its the first today, we can finally get those words out of out heads and write! Good luck, everyone!

  12. @messyhead My pleasure! Hope you had a great start!

    @Lara Glad I could help and best of luck in finding a new job.

    @Alice You’re quite welcome! Best of luck this year!

    @Wrio Thank you for the kind words. Hope you had a great session today!

  13. Oh my GOODNESS!! THANK YOU!!!
    This so gave my November a better start than I was expecting. Hooray!
    You mentioned in the email, a chance to guest blog, should we choose? Will you be emailing us about that? Or did I miss that somewhere? *worries*
    Happy Writing!! 😀

    buttergirlfly´s last blog post..beating the snot out of a random, smarmy saturday was no pansy task. you had to hit hard and fast and where no one would see you. was it a hate crime? or an act for society as a whole?

  14. @butterflygirl LOL! Hope to see a post from you and everyone else soon! p.s. that post in your sig has to be the longest blog title in history – 🙂

    @Amber Yep, I’m hoping to get quite a few. I have a couple already and they are really great.

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