Every Woman's Voice and the Monsters of Templeton

Two for one: Book Plug and a Publisher’s Plug…

mot_book.jpgI was just browsing the NYTimes and I came across a little ad for The Monsters of Templeton by Lauren Groff.

From the publisher’s website:

The Monsters of Templeton, a novel spanning two centuries: part a contemporary story of a girl’s search for her father, part historical novel, and part ghost story, this spellbinding novel is at its core a tale of how one town holds the secrets of a family.

The publisher is really putting a lot of oomph behind this book.

[Monsters] is a fascinating combination of contemporary novel, historical fiction, and ghost story, and the critical praise that the book has received so far (from the likes of Stephen King, Lorrie Moore, and Lauren Belfer) is spectacular and signals that more of the same is to come. We’ve pulled out many stops in this publication, including the creation of a special website devoted to Monsters. Here you’ll find a book description, Lauren Groff’s blog, info about events, and (our favorite part) the “community” sections, where you can find a reading group, offer thoughts about Monsters as you read, share stories about your hometown, or pose a question to the community at large. This effort crystallizes what Voice is all about.

That last sentence made me want to learn a little more about Voice.

They wanted fiction and nonfiction for smart, educated, busy, curious, seasoned women who are way, way over chick lit and its cousins, but for whom reading is a longtime passion. Books for women at the center of life, who for whatever reasons—be it a relationship, a career, or the biological clock ticking—are looking to redirect their lives or find what has been missing. Women who read to figure out what they want next. Women who want to read about the positives as well as the negatives from women who have emerged or are emerging as role models—strong women doing things that excite, scare, and thrill them—women who are happy and fulfilled, and who continue to push the envelope.

I have to say that this is exactly the kind of woman that interests me (i.e. those at the center of life). I happen to be married to one, so I’m quite lucky there. 🙂

Check out their growing list of titles and authors. What an impressive endeavor!

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