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I’ve not posted much recently part of this is because I’m actually writing. Well, I was until I went on a business trip while sick with the flu and now I’m all wonky in the head, but really I’m working at getting back to writing and not blogging or journaling or any of the other typing that is not work.

Except for this post. 😉

Below is a snippet from a post by author John Scalzi. I just read his book The Android’s Dream – very funny, glad to find a new writer I like. In his post he dissects a very old post by Robin Hobb.

Boy I love this bit… Now get back to writing!

Robin Hobb is Not Entirely Wrong:

On the other hand, one of the reasons I stopped doing the AOL gig was that all the blogging I was doing was taking away from time that I could be writing fiction, and I’m at a point where it makes sense for me to focus there. Also, even having pared back my blogging committments, I have been known to procrastinate quite substantially online rather than, say, getting to my actual work.

No! You say. That can’t possibly be true! Not you! Alas, yes, me. Because it is easier to blog than write. It’s also easier to comment on blogs than write, get into flamewars on SFWA’s private boards than write, answer e-mail than write, and so on. All of that is, in fact, typing that is not work. Do enough of it and it’s very possible that your brain will say well! I’ve certainly done enough work for the day — I think I’ll fall into a vegetative state now and then pretty much shut down for the purposes of active and creative work. And then you’ve lost a day. Trust me on this, my pretties.

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3 thoughts on “Writing not blogging

  1. So did your application for Clarion West amount to anything yet? Of my three, I got early acceptance to Odyssey (which is beginning to look pretty good), a rejection from Clarion (bastards), and still waiting on Clarion West.

    -Sara King

  2. Hi, Sara.

    Congratulations on getting in at Odyssey!!! Sorry you didn’t get an acceptance from Clarion. Maybe next year!

    I only applied to CW, but I haven’t heard back yet.

    Neile posted on the CW forum that a big rush of apps came in at the last minute. I can certainly appreciate how difficult it can be to wade through all of that stuff. It’s got to be tough to make those choices so quickly. I’m sure we’ll all be hearing quite soon. Good luck!

  3. By the way, Sara, I just read the post on your blog about Gord’s ChiZine rejection letter. Gord’s known for being rather direct. After all, his blog is titled, “and in conclusion I hate you all…”


    Still, I thought it was nice of him to give you a personal opinion instead of a form rejection. 🙂

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