Writing First Thing in the Morning

Like me, Leo Babauta is an early riser…

How to Write First Thing in the Morning:

As I write these words, it’s a little after 4:00 a.m. and my wife and kids are sleeping. The house is dark and quiet, with no TV or music playing, no conversation to distract the voice in my head.

It’s the perfect writing environment, for me at least.

[Via: Write to Done]

I do find that I love writing early in the morning, especially as I have a day job and that fills my head with such clutter that I have no hope at all of getting anything worthwhile down after a day at the office.

Of course, like Leo, I also have a wife and kids so getting up early isn’t a problem (that is, if I ever want to get anything done).

Do check out Leo’s article though. His tips for early morning writing are perfect. I especially agree with NOT checking email or the Internet. That’s a fast path to nowheresville.

[*** A special note for bloggers *** DO NOT CHECK YOUR VISITOR STATS. This counts as going online of course, but really don’t kid yourself. Checking your traffic before getting to work is sure to either A) depress you or B) distract you as you try to figure out why the guy from Helskini spent 6 hours on your site reading each and every post.]

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