Writer’s Block and Stage Fright

Wow does this sound familiar!

What Writer’s Block and Stage Fright Have In Common:

For writers, it can be hard to find this momentum. Far from split-second timing, it sometimes feels like it makes no difference whether you start writing now or next week. You approach the desk, you feel the twinge of fear, you shy away, like a nervous horse at a showjumping fence. Maybe you should have a cup of tea or a cigarette, or tidy the desk before you get going. Or just check your e-mail… Hours later, you realise the day has flown by with little to show for it.

[Via: Wishful Thinking]

I really like Mark McGuinness’ site. This particular post resonates with me because I’m sometimes asked to speak to large groups of people. Like an actor, I get the flutters but I somehow manage to muddle my way through it. I never thought about how this might be like writing but the parallels are there (and the solutions are quite compatible).

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