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Getting Slowly Dumber

I haven’t posted a word since February, and I haven’t been reading. I’d always found reading and writing to be frustrating processes; they demand change. With work busy in the springtime, my fiancee’s moving in, friends’ weddings taking up the weekends, etc., etc., I simply wasn’t interested in mental change, in challenging my brain.

But wouldn’t you know it, I’m most assuredly getting dumber. Since I stopped reading and writing in the spring, I’m not as creative, thoughtful, or patient. And double those deficiencies because of a two-month-plus bout with insomnia—by taking Ambien I’m physically rested but not mentally, and my short-term memory is entirely shot.

One day this writer is living just life. Feeling a bit sluggish perhaps, but then life is busy. It happens. But here’s the kick in the teeth:

So I’ve got some sort of condition where my short-term memory doesn’t function as it should. The doctors say I have a tumor in my thymus gland (in my chest) coupled with/related to paraneoplastic syndrome, which is what affects my memory. I’ve been in the hospital since Monday, July 16th. I’m surrounded by family and curious doctors–there’s nothing all that common about my condition, so there’s a lot to learn by both sides.

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