Out of Sheer Rage

Books and Bicycles has a wonderful long post about Geoff Dyer’s book, Out of Sheer Rage. Oh my, I think I must add to the stack next to the nightstand.

Out of Sheer Rage:

It’s a book about not writing a book about D.H. Lawrence. It’s a little about his obsession with Lawrence (and here it occasionally reminds me of one of my favorite books ever, Nicholson Baker’s U and I), but mostly it’s about his attempts to write and his failure, and all the things he does to work around this problem. He’s got a very dry sense of humor, which I find immensely appealing and which makes me laugh, when I hardly ever laugh at books. He’s also got a contrarian view of the world, which I also find appealing and funny.

[via: Of Books and Bicycles]

And later…

This, I suppose, accounts for some of Dyer’s “failure” as a writer (although obviously he’s not, really): his image of the writer doesn’t actually involve the writer doing any writing. This book is about wanting to be a writer, but not wanting to do the work. Which would be highly annoying, if Dyer weren’t, in reality, such a good writer…

Wow, I guess this makes my work highly annoying. 🙂

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