HNTW Roundup – April 11

In my ever-expanding quest to keep myself so busy that I can’t work on my next story, I present to you the writerly musings of others from around the web this week (or so):

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Over on Susan Henderson’s LitPark, Anthony Miller went crazy and posted a massive interview with Steve Erickson.

Dustin gave HNTW a plug on The Writer’s Technology Companion. I feel like I’m in some pretty illustrious company. Check it out! 22 Blogs Every Writer Should Read. Thanks, Dustin! More feeds for the mill!

Interesting list of notable books from the New York Public Library on the new Poets & Writer’s site. What’s interesting though is that I haven’t read a single book on the list (it’s all about me, right)… What have I been reading?

Need a name for a new character? John August points us toward unled, a no frills name generator that uses U.S. Census Data. Very cool and kinda scary. (p.s. John got the link from kottke)

Nalo Hopkinson gave us these words of wisdom about getting the story DOWN:

Writing words is just writing words. Once I have it written, I can ask a few patient somebodies to read it and tell me what doesn’t ring true for them.

Jeff VanderMeer Matt Staggs interviews Ann VanderMeer. I am really excited about the release of STEAMPUNK! Have you checked out Weird Tales lately? Ann is the fiction editor.

For the “grammarians,” we have The Blog of Unnecessary Quotation Marks. Super funny. Thanks, Irreverent Freelancer!

The Writing Journey has two three good posts on the difference between writing for the Internet and writing for print. Very active comments too:

Bridging the Great Divide Between Print and Internet Writing
Why Real Writers Don’t Write on the Internet
Why the Internet is the Perfect Market for Writers

11 thoughts on “HNTW Roundup – April 11

  1. Just a quick comment: I’m guest blogging at Jeff VanderMeer’s blog while he’s out of town, and I did the interview with Ann. Thanks!

  2. Sorry about the props, Matt! It’s a great interview. I rushed over your byline while reading this in NetNewsWire!!! That’s the one snarly thing with reading so so much RSS.

  3. I’m just getting started with my blog, but I’d be happy to have you visit… is the URL.


  4. Hi Heather! Best of luck with Seven! I really like the way you list the work you do each day. In my offline journal, I have a similar format (though not as extensive).

  5. @Edward Thanks for the compliment!

    Mind Sprocket is a beautiful site. Thank you for posting the link. Who does your illustrations?

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