An Ode to Good King James Chartrand

Those of you who follow me on Twitter, may know that I promised to write an ode to the magnificence of Good King James Chartrand of Men with Pens.

So, without further ado, here is my song. Make of it what you will. I hope you enjoy it.

An Ode to Good King James Chartrand

– with apologies to Harry, Harrison MacLeod and to poetry in general.

Samuel de Champlain, Father of New France
Samuel de Champlain, Father of New France [not Good King James Chartrand]

At crack-a-dawn
from old Quebec,
missives begin to fly.
Betwixt the bits
to far and wide,
the ink-fueled reign
of Good King James Chartrand
continues on in style.

The kingdom of
our Good King James Chartrand
begins with Men with Pens [dot-ca if you please not com]
and stretches to the niebu hordes
who dwell in twitterdom.
And let’s not forget
his generous
contributions across the Net,
like copyblogger and the rest
I would have shared
had rhyme and meter
not failed the test.

But Lo! [You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to say that in a post.]

Those bonhomie sites
know who they are
and swell with pride to serve
the legend of Good King James Chartrand
who shines on them
in return…

As if this were not enough, [and apparently isn’t…]
the Royal hands
of Good King James Chartrand
are blessed with magic skills.
Measuring his posts alone
and the rate at which
they suddenly appear,
we watch in awe
then cheer the King
as he somehow finds more time
for comments, quips, and tweets.

Yet still the saga does not end! [I know. I know. I know.]

For what wisdom flows
between the banks
of the King’s precious prose!
Honest views!
Suggestions bold and true!
The oldest writing lore made new!
All from the desk of Good King James Chartrand,
the source that knows no end!

So rejoice with me! [Yes, I’m almost done.]

To scribblers one and all!
Raise your pens
with this poor bard,
and swear this oath
to our Good King James Chartrand!

“Never shall we unsubscribe
from the feed of Good King James Chartrand.

Nor link to him by rel nofollow,
or by any means that’s hollow.

And always shall we spread his word
by Digg and Sphinn and Stumble!”

Happy Niebuday! 🙂

14 thoughts on “An Ode to Good King James Chartrand

  1. @Rebecca You know, I had that in mind when I was working on this yesterday. I figure I can keep myself busy for quite awhile writing these poems. 🙂

  2. @Karen I think people may pay me not to write them or to write them for others… 😉

  3. Best just to say this is quite the writing feat you have performed.

    (Please put me on the “do not write” list. If I want truly want to torture someone, I’ll be asking for your services. LOL)

  4. @Sonia Huzzah duly noted. [Another great word I’d love to use in a post some day!]

    @Loraleigh The wait list for roasting is longer than you might imagine. To keep up with demand, I’m adding an express lane that specialized in haiku-harangues.

    @Meryl Ha! No, service to the King is truly optional. Of course, like all my writing projects I spent far more time on this than I expected.

    Big thanks to all of you stopping by. Tomorrow we will return to our normally scheduled discussions about writing.

  5. @TheGoodKingHimself How does it warm the heart of this bard to have His Majesty comment upon my blog! Your gift is so kind. As oft as I am referred to in the same breath as the rear of my steed, the hind of a deer is quite fitting.

    @Monika You make me blush.

  6. Jamie, this is an incredible piece of writing! Your talent truly shines here. Perchance the Good King shall favor his lord with knighthood? Now you must pen an ode to my dear Harry. 🙂

    Karen Swim’s last blog post..Above the Noise

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