5 Ways Your Blog is Like a Bra

A very funny post and quite true. I can’t really tell you why I know these things. My wife reads this blog and it could be rather troublesome.

A whopping 85% of American women are wearing the wrong bra size! How could so many women get it wrong and what does that have to do with your blog? Stay with me as I show you 5 ways that your blog is exactly like a bra.

5 Ways Your Blog is Like a Bra

How I Found This Post

On second thought, as my wife reads this blog, it might be a good idea for me to explain how I came across this post:

I’m sort of doing the Twitter thing. I blame Mark McGuinness (check out Mark’s poetry). Anyway, Men with Pens saw my gravitar and tweeted it. Got a few followers including Karen Swin of Words for Hire. Followed the link on her profile over to her site and then m’eyes landed on the post in question.

Now, that I read this, I doubt I’m going to get myself out of trouble…

5 thoughts on “5 Ways Your Blog is Like a Bra

  1. LOL! Well as the perpetrator of this post, I thank you for not only reading but risking getting into trouble by sharing it. I’ve seen your tweets about your beautiful and intelligent wife and am certain she will forgive you. As a new and faithful fan of hownottowrite, an honorable mention from you is like winning the Pulitzer. So, please tell your wife to forgive you because you made one new blogger incredibly happy!

  2. My pleasure!

    [Well, not so much pleasure you understand but more the general idea of helping out one’s fellow writer. Purely professional in my official capacity of self-proclaimed #1-not-writer to find the best of the best and share them with all the many tens of people who subscribe to this blog.]

    Oh, I am digging such a deep hole.

  3. And thus, with one tweet about an avatar I love, a star is born. Or reborn. Or relit. Which one are you?

    So far, you have witty, great comments in Twitter, which makes me an instant fan. Plus, you can write. Bonus. Definitely.

    I’ll look forward to more stardom (or at the very least, great conversation) hereon out!

  4. @James I’m not really sure which one I am, though once people enter orbit they usually seem disappointed…

    “Hmmm, this looked so much bigger from far away.”

    Thanks for the boost though! I wanted to be a poet when I was much, much younger. Unfortunately I was too snarky/whimsical to be taken seriously. It seems these qualities are rewarded on Twitter, so perhaps I’ve found a home? 🙂

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