Kind Words from Others about How Not To

In my dreams, people come to How Not To Write and laugh. They snicker and point. They chortle… Then, they wander back out and maybe something they read triggers a thought about their own work. Maybe they even find something useful.

That is my dream…. or one of them at least.

There is this other one that starts with a six-foot blond and a midget with a camera, but this isn’t that kind of site so I’ll keep the rest of that one to myself.

In any case, I think there are people who enjoy posting a kind word about what they find here. I really appreciate that. Helps keep me going (these articles are pretty long). Here are some that I’ve found:

You can ignore criticism within the safety of the MFA writing program, but everybody struggling to publish knows you aren’t so safe in the real world.

There are only two options. You can either quit now or grow a thicker skin. When your ego feels too bruised, check out supportive, funny sites like How Not To Write. If they don’t cheer you up, nothing will…

— Jason Boog from “Grow a Thicker Skin” at The Publishing Spot

Thanks, Jason!

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