5 Habits to Maximize Writing Performance?

I wonder how effective these five habits are in improving writing performance:

  • Get Rest
  • Make a Plan
  • Eat Light and Healthy
  • Exercise
  • Take Breaks and Mix Up Your Environment

I like the idea of course. I mean it sounds logical and everything, but it doesn’t exactly sound like fun. For example, getting rest means sleeping. Sleeping means that I have to stop reading until 2 o’clock in the morning. Making a plan requires that I write things down and not just riff away. Eating light and healthy? (snort) Exercise… Um does pitching my foot back and forth to rock my hammock count? And that last one, changing the mix? If I do that, how do I feed my manic urge to hammer away at something until my fingers bleed?

Choose Your Own Adventure!

5 Healthy Tips to Maximize Your Ability to Concentrate

Although many of the factors affecting concentration are beyond your control, a large amount is determined by behavior. These 5 tips will help you get your mind functioning at peak performance so you can excel at highly creative activities like writing, brainstorming, and strategic thinking.


One Surefire Way to Improve Your Ability to Concentrate

I have discovered a horrible, rather brutal method that I recommend only to men of excessive vigor, men with thick black hair and skin covered with liver spots, men with big square hands and legs shaped like bowling pins…

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