You've Quit to Write Your Novel Now What? Film Your Cat!

Roger Morris (R.N. Morris) is a crime writer in the UK. He posted this great video of the “Writer’s Life” on YouTube, Like Roger, I am hoping that my coffeepot will write my next book. (I kid. I kid because I love. I wish I had half the guts to quit my own job.)

Actually, Roger’s just quit his day job.

Well, I’ve done it. I’ve packed in the day job. Today is my first day as a full time writer. Shit. Scary.

He references a great article from the Independent about what one might do should the publishing mavens shine on you:

If it works, could you give up the day job?

Almost certainly not. For briskly marketed and well-reviewed debutants, we’re usually talking about the sort of adult pocket-money that a bedroom eBay business might easily exceed. The few exceptions take the form of chance lightning-strikes, usually with a bidding auction involved, or carefully-planned new brands in mass-market genres such as crime. Plenty of acclaimed writers of fiction never give up their previous occupation, or else acquire a new one (in teaching or journalism, for example).

As I’m a sucker for most things detective and crime, I’ll probably be picking up his latest book to give a fellow writer a boost (in the only way I can).

4 thoughts on “You've Quit to Write Your Novel Now What? Film Your Cat!

  1. Aha! Glad you liked the video. Just a bit of fun. But it seems to have spawned a few ‘copycat’ films! Thanks for linking to me. Spotted you on my sitemeter so I thought I’d come and have a look!

  2. You’re quite welcome, Roger! I really enjoyed it.

    I’ve also spent some time looking at others infected by your meme. I’m tempted to film my own little studio.

    Oh, resist the urge! 🙂

  3. “It is important to check your Amazon ranking. Because, when it is low you think what the hell is going on. Rather depressing.”

    Perfect! Instant classic!

    Maybe I’ll play with one too.

    Best of luck on your launch!

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