THE LIAR’S DIARY – Blog Day LitPark

Today is the day! Literary bloggers all over the place are pointing their sites to LitPark and Patry Francis’s book The Liar’s Diary.

Patry’s story struck home for me because my 4 year-old was diagnosed with cancer just last month (a week before Christmas). He had a little fibrous mass removed from his leg in early December. It was supposed to be nothing, but pathology had different ideas…

A whirlwind of tests followed, wedged in around Christmas. Then, another surgery on New Years Eve Day (of all things) to get clear margins around the site. Now, we’re a month out and it seems like years have passed. The second pathology came back clear and so we are not supposed to be worried. Just MRIs once a quarter for some time to come, just to be sure.

I cannot yet describe what this whole experience has been like. I’m not sure how long it will take to settle in and find its voice. Some day it will though and I will have more to say about it.

So, my heart goes out to Patry. Please show your support! Pick up a copy of Liar’s Diary today!

[Note: I accidentally set the original future post date for this entry to 2/1 not 1/29. Sigh…]

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