Is It Ever Right to Self-Publish?

Oh, what a great question from Ray Rhamey… I’ve certainly voiced my own thoughts on this a time or two. I’m still of the mind that self-publishing is a good thing in this day and age.

Is It Ever Right to Self-Publish?:

My urge to self-publish is rising in regard to two of my works, and it would be good to get your thoughts. Like you, I believe in them, and think I have enough evidence and experience (via many beta readers and critique partners) to think that they are publishable. So let me think out loud at you and solicit your thoughts.

[Via: Writer Unboxed]

If you are at all interested in POD or self-publishing, check out the full post. The conversation in the comments (16 posts at this reading) is awesome, especially this bit from Sophie Masson:

I’ve never self-published–the closest I’ve come is a POD book of my essays done by a tiny publisher–i knew no traditional publisher would touch a collection of essays and short stories)but like most established writers there have been numerous occasions when certain of my books have been rejected, for no apparently good reason. I’ve been sorely tempted then to go into business for myself–but have been put off by the amount of work involved. But if you’re prepared to take that on, why not?

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