Writing the Breakout Novel by Donald Maass (Part 5)

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And this led me to Writing the Breakout Novel

So I went to the library. I usually go to the library or the bookstore when I’m feeling down. I like to be surrounded by books even though they remind me of my failures. There is comfort in knowing that someone could do it, and if they could then maybe I could as well.

I went to the writing section to see what kind of support I might find. That’s when I saw Don Maass’ book.

Normally, this kind off book would be right out for me. However, as I was in a funk anyway, I decided to see how the other half lived.

I Love Anne Perry

I’ve never read one of Anne Perry’s books, but I know who she is. When I saw her name on the foreword, I rolled my eyes. How far had I sunk that I would be looking to Anne Perry for advice?

If you can identify with the statement above, pull the stick out of your ass. This is step one. After that, read her foreword to Writing the Breakout Novel

Here is the part that hooked me:

Let me be frank: If you don’t enjoy reading your own work, probably not many other people will either. That was one of my big steps forward.

There are other great points in the foreword. Anne is kind and encouraging. But it was that one harsh word about getting over yourself that I took to heart and helped me to read on.

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