Best Little Christmas Story

No, I’m not posting a Christmas story (not yet). This is a special post to let you know that I launched a new site over the weekend – Best Little Christmas Story.

For background on the site, check out the About the Site page. There’s also a link to register on the site. Registering on the site allows you to share stories as real posts on the site. As I say over there, think of it as guest posting for Santa. 🙂

Of course, everyone is welcome to comment. You don’t need to register for that, but since so many writers frequent this site I thought that I’d extend a special invitation to by means of a post here. I hope you’ll come by for a visit and consider signing up.

In fact, the first guest post should be live by the time you read this. Novelist Deborah Woehr (@DeborahWoehr on Twitter) wrote a beautiful post entitled Seasons of Hope. Come by and read it. I know you’ll be touched just as I was.

Merry Christmas!!