2012 Six Question Self-Publishing Survey

Every unpublished writer thinks about self-publishing, and frankly it wasn’t all that long ago that this was the normal route a scribbler took to get their work in front of the world. After a brief intermission, wherein giant publishing firms took shape, we seem to be returning to times where authors will be more and more responsible for managing their own work from beginning to end.

Of course, many authors will tell you that this has always been the case anyway but why quibble? There’s a romantic dream of the way the world of publishing works, and who am I to squash it?

Well, to be fair, I’m just the sort of person who would do such a thing…

So, without further ado, I bring you the 2012 Six Question Self-Publishing Survey. This results of this survey (with names changed to protect the innocent) will be published in a few weeks. If you have a few moments to spare I would really appreciate your very special comments below.

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